Friday, October 27, 2006

November Quilt for an Hour

I have the quilt done and everything ready so have no fear . . we will have a November project. I hope to be able to take the pix outside but the rain has been relentless for the past two days. Yes, we've had gorgeous weather for the past 2 weeks and I just never got around to taking pix. Mr. Weatherman has promised a beautiful weekend so if I can't get pix taken outside tomorrow, I'll take pictures inside and post them so by tomorrow night, you will see the November project.

Responses to Comments:

Debbie from Dubiquilts asked: How did you do the photos of the socks and shoes?

I use Paint Shop Pro and I used the clone feature and basically copied the carpet and colored it over my white legs. For the shoes, I took a picture but it was too dark. The shoes are made by Steve Madden so I went to their website and found a picture there and snagged it. Yep, probably a violation of the law but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

Su Bee asked: How did you manage to block out your legs, and does it work on hips?

See the answer above. I doubt it would work on hips. If so, I'd love to know . . as I just returned from the gym and that's hard work!

Norma asked: If it works, I will head out to the dealer and get one ordered!

I used it (#57 foot for the Bernina) or a couple of hours last night and I love it. I've been amazed at how perfectly straight and perfect (perfectly perfect??) Vicky's seams are when I've quilted her quilts. No matter how hard I try, my seams are never perfect. I think this new foot may just be the ticket. It was $33.95 at my quilt shop and if you don't have a Bernina dealer near you, if you contact Betty, I know she would be more than happy to get you one and send it to you.

Judy L.


Vicky said...

Can't wait to see November's quilt. I skipped October's as I was already doing a leaf quilt, and I have September's fabric all pulled. Okay, okay, so I'm a little behind! LOL


P.S. Think the photo manipulations work work on the 'chest', too? :)

Susan said...

Oh, I can't wait to see it. I have my box of fabrics for October's quilt, but haven't done one single thing this week. Think I was resting up from overload the two weeks before!

Laurie Ann said...

I have that foot on my Xmas list. The #57 foot, that is. I was wondering if it really was better than just a plain old 1/4 inch foot, but I have heard good things about this new feature.

Gail said...

That #57 foot is for the 1230?? Please, pretty please....tell me it is.

Anonymous said...

I just got that foot a couple of weeks go and I love it.

I'm looking forward to doing the November quilt with you all. Can't wait to see the pics. I've been lurking around your guys' blogs and having a great time. Trying to get up enough guts to start one of my own.

I'm a long time quilter.....started with a cathedral windows quilt in '69 in 9th grade.

Kathy DB

Cynthia said...

Can't wait to see the November challenge quilt. I've just listed my goals for November but i may just have to add one more goal to that list.

ForestJane said...

Looks like I just finished my leaf quilt in time!

Can't wait to see November's design. :)