Thursday, October 19, 2006

About the Quilt for an Hour Project

Some questions for you:

1. Is it helping you accomplish more?

2. Are you actually using the one hour instructions?

3. Do you want to continue with one hour instructions or do you want me to just submit a pattern each month and do it at your own speed?

I have a wonderful pattern for November and I'm just chomping at the bit to show it to you . . but I'm not. And, for the most part, the entire pattern is actually another Stashquilter's pattern which I'm using with her permission. I'm not even saying whose it is because you'll all know exactly what I'm talking about.

I'm not very good at keeping secrets and this is killing me.

And, where are the pictures of the Leaf Season quilt? I have three so far! Sad, sad, sad!! :)

Judy L.


Leah S said...

*sniff* I haven't started Leaf Season yet. :( I have all the fabric ready!

I think I let myself get overwhelmed with the WHOLE Leaf Season pattern, instead of just taking it one hour at a time. Definately for November, it'll be 1 hour a day. Sure I'll let myself do more if I'm in the mood, but I'm going back to "only one hour".

To answer your questions...

Yes, I do feel like it's helping me accomplish more. I have found myself doing less puttering and more actual sewing in the past month.

I'm not using your instructions word for word, but I'm doing the gist of it. Like I'd do the leaves first, as you suggested.

I think I'd be more motivated to do your patterns when you write out the daily hour instructions. It keeps me on track - "hey, she put up a new hour, gotta go do mine". Otherwise I'd have all the pieces cut, a few parts sewn and then it'd get pushed aside when another quilty idea pops into my mind.

Too many quilts I wanna do... too little time! :P At least most of us don't have too little FABRIC. *snicker*

Carol said...

I didn't get to do this one because I just had too much going on. I did the last one and yes it helped me get the quilt done. I love the instructions divided up like you have done them. It's those little bits at a time that make in attainable. I am really looking forward to the November one. Thanks so much.

Angie said...

I second Leah S...with the exception that I've completed 14 leaves, have 6 more ready to put together, have the fabrics ready for the alternate block, and except for the creeping crud called "thyroid troubles" LOL I've been trying to work on my at least an hour a day. Not saying I've accomplished that every day but I "know" it's there. :D Picture coming soon to a blog near you previewing leaf blocks at Ship's Landing. :D

Angie said...

Ooops, I forgot something....can I have a sneak peak of Nov????? You're a just go ahead and send me a peak at!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Yes the hour a day plan is helping me, even though I'm still working on the 1st one. I had not pieced something of my own in almost a year, so thank you so much!!!
I like the directions the way they are, then I feel like I'm doing it with somebody, not all by myself.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm enjoying the Hour-a-day projects! I tend to look at the overall project, use your dimensions and cutting info, and then wander along at my own pace from there.

Do you need me to send you a pic of my ivy, or can you pick it up off of my Oct 9 blog entry?


Gail said...

I am using it, but more to my home schedule than exactly an hour a day. I try for the hour, but if real life intervenes,well....also, if I get more time, I take it. I definitely wouldn't get a whole top pieced on my own, but I'm not making progress on my UFOs either because this has been more fun. I am eager to see November's. But may I suggest that we skip December altogether for obvious reasons. I've got all my blocks made, and one row joined,I just have to get the rest joined and then bordered.

Joanne said...

I haven't finished the top yet! Pics, soon!
I read through your instructions and then basically do my thing. The instructions are nice to refer back to though. I do make a point of working an hour at a time -- but when I'm behind, I try to work 2 hours at a time! vbg
Can't wait to see November's -- but hoping to have October's top done first!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I don't want to start anything new right now so have sat out these last 2 projects. 1 hour a day is impossible for me - but I usually do sew every day, even if it is just 15 minutes and it adds up! And, I LOVE seeing everyone's version of the quilts as they make them!!! Can't wait to see Novembers...



Bonnie said...

It is fun to do your patterns and get your instructions - and to know that others are doing the same quilt while I am working on mine. I like to see all the different innovations too. Some days I spend an hour, some days I don't work on it at all, and some days I work more than an hour. My Leaf Season quilt is at the "sewing the blocks together" stage and I should finish it up this weekend - hopefully with borders and all. I'm looking forward to the November quilt.

Anonymous said...

I like the hour a day, can't say I stick to it, with work and everything else. I work on the project as time and interest allow. I usually have a few different quilts going at one time and work on what suits my fancy. I am looking forward to November but I do have a queen size wedding quilt to do also. I do plan to do the Nov. quilt though. I did e-mail my completed top to you, hope you received it. Dot

Nadine said...

Oh, pleazzzzzzze, Judy ! Just one photo ! I've decided to jump into this new 1 hour/day project, and it's killing me, not knowing anything but the colors !
Come on, be a good girl !


Becky said...

I love the patterns, but will probably never do them in one hour incriments since I often don't have an hour to just sit down and sew. So, I vote for just posting the patterns and everyone going at their own pace.

frecklesquilts said...

It's enough for me to be inspired which is tough because I'm so over-stimulated by all the magazines, patterns and LQS visits I make that it interferes with me actually starting anythin. I jumped right into this project,though, but I'm not sewing 1-hr at a time. I've been trying to get at least a couple of blocks done a night, but even that hasn't worked for me. I've loved the last 2 quilts and hope to have more to do in the months to come.

Suze said...

I spend the first hour of each day having coffee with you. I am surprised you didn't notice.

Photos later today. I had that little snafu where I selected the wrong fabric. This morning I finished the last of the alternate blocks but had to get to the office and could not take a picture. I will post later today or in the morning for sure.

Sometimes I get excited and do more than an hour.....

I am anxious to see the upcoming adventure.... We are going out of town the first week in November and if you let us know ahead, I can at least have my fabric lined up so I won't be too far behind when I get home..............

Onnie said...

I love the pattern, but have not been able to do it as you have posted it. I'm slowly doing leaves right now and need to buy the brown for the alternate blocks. I will follow the pattern either way you choose to post it.

Anonymous said...

I just found your "Quilt for an Hour" pages - I love the idea of breaking the project down into small manageable increments, and it'll be fun working for an hour with others doing the same. My vote would be to continue with the hourly instructions - I think it's a fabulous idea!! Can't wait to join you for the November project - thank you for all your hard work!
:) Sandra (:

DubiQuilts said...

Yes, I really have accomplished alot with your instructions.

I have met new friends because of this project.

Please continue with the instructions if your time permits.

I can't wait for novembers pattern.

I have completed all leaf blocks, and have 12 "A" blocks to complete.

Cynthia said...

I have really enjoyed doing the Hour a Day quilts you've posted. I feel i have accomplished more because for quite awhile now i have been doing a lot of hand sewing which doesn't look like a lot so it's been nice making something on the sewing machine.

I prefer to have the instructions once a day which i follow most times or i catch up on the weekend so that i'm back on track.

The other thing i've noticed is that i have actually been able to use what is in my stash for both quilts even though i have a small stash. It's been fun pulling out fabrics and seeing what will go together without having to purchase any fabric.

It's also been good to feel as if you are working along with others who are also making the quilt.

ForestJane said...

I didn't follow your instructions at all... But really enjoyed taking the pattern and doing my own thing with it! I kinda-sorta followed your order of sewing, but you used the most obvious order, it'd have been silly to do something like sew the leaf blocks all except for the stem, THEN do the stem patch and insert it with a Y seam.

What I liked was seeing all the different twists that this quilt took... people doing it in their colors, or with curved stems, or adding sashing, smaller, larger, etc. Fun also seeing other quilts like mine taking place at the same time!

Betty J in OKC said...

SOmehow I ended up with 77 leaves. I guess I was wanting to do 1 longer quilt plus 2 small donation quilts. I'll be finishing up the leaves tomorrow. I'm doing a dk green for the chain. Betty J in OKC

Bingo~Bonnie said...

I think Leah and Bonnie both said it best. I also like to follow along with the other quilters who are making the pattern. Judy, I like that you share with us your quilt patterns and break up the directions in bits and pieces. It makes it easier to do without getting so overwhelmed.

Unfortunately for me, life got in the way so to speak. So everything is at a stand still until things settle down. Good news is – Leaf Season is my only quilting project I am working on at the moment so it should get done before the end of the month at least that is my goal. :c)

Looking forward to seeing November's pattern - hope you will show both quilts - the one you made for your LA beautician and also the one the stash quilter friend made along with you. Love from Orange, TX! ~Bonnie

Sheila said...

Judy, whatever your heart desires. I like seeing how you believe we can get X amount done in an hour; it's a good basis for me as well as inspiration. I know it probably isn't easy for you to post this way, and I can just as easily follow a whole pattern.

I'll see if I can't bribe my camera back into possession to post a picture to you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I hope you continue this. I think doing it as an hour a day helps break it into managable steps.

Since I like to make big quilts I didn't keep to the same hour a day schedule so it took me longer. I didn't do Leaf Season since I was still working on the first one.

But I did it. Right now I am finising putting it together and will be ready for the next one.

Thank you so much for your time,
Donna (in MI)

Anonymous said...

I did your first quilt and enjoyed it very much :-) I did pass on the next, but have adopted the 1 hour method, and have finished my Watermelon quilt top this week ! Tada ! I will join later quilts. Once a day instructions are nice - it is like opening a gift every day, but I can see it is a lot of work for you, so you have to do the math.

The Calico Cat said...

Ditto - Strfishy
I loved seeing everyones variations. I did not reply earlier, becasue I did not do the past two... (I hardly did any sewing in Sept. or Oct. at all) & did not feel "right" to reply.

With that said, I LOVE the incremental directions with out the "mystery" schtick.

Mary said...

Judy, I love the quilt for an hour projects but I don't use your step by step instructions. I just made mine using the pattern sheet. I imagine most experienced quilters probably did the same.

I do like having the EQ file too - that's nice so I can try variations without having to recreate the quilt in EQ.

I know it's a lot of work for you to write out all the steps so unless you get a lot of responses that say they depend on them - I would just post the pattern.

I like the Quilt for an Hour idea - maybe instead of posting step by step instructions you could say work on your leave blocks today and ask for people to post their progress for the day.

However you decide to continue - I'll be looking forward to more monthly projects even if I'm not able to do them at the time you post.

I see that you started packing up your stash already. I finally got through mine and it's ready for the movers to pack up in December. I still have to go through my desk, files, and all my notions and patterns.

Lisa D. said...

I think the hour a day quilt is a wonderful idea and very generous of you to give of your time like this. I haven't participated so far, but maybe November?

Hedgehog said...

I don't have an hour a day kind of life, but I have LOVED watching you post the pattern and others work on it in their own ways. I'm really hoping to play along one month, so I hope you'll keep it going!