Sunday, October 15, 2006

Answering Comments

I said I wouldn't do this but I think this new blogger makes it almost impossible for return addresses to show up when I receive your comments by e-mail so I'm going to start responding to comments in posts. Maybe at the end of each new post, I'll respond to previous comments.

Leah asked: Will EQ6 be compatable with EQ5's Dear Jane?

I'm guessing it will. From what I understand, we will be able to open EQ5 files in EQ6, and the EQ5 file will stay as it was but the new file will be saved in EQ6 format. EQ6 files will not be able to save down to EQ5 compatible files.

Hedgehog asked: I can't wait to see those November quilt-for-an-hour quilts - purple/lavender and yellow/green - super!! Does that mean you've made two versions?

There will not be two versions but there will be two different colored quilts that I made and one that was made by another blogger.

The Calico Cat asked: How do you calculate fabric used?

Amy, I think I answered this in an e-mail. Did it make sense?

Judy L.

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Linda Jordan said...

One of my sisters lived in South Florida for 4 years and each year at the beginning or storm season an emergency list was published in all the newspapers; it was available as a handout at all the grocery stores, drugstores, etc. She had plastic tubs with all the essentials and like you, replenished these supplies as she used them during the year. She was lucky and there wasn't a bad storm the 4 years she lived in Ft. Lauderdale, but they had some close calls. She kept playing cards, board games, etc. also and was careful to keep extra bread in the freezer. It would be nice if all local newspapers would print a recommended emergency list at the beginning of winter or storm season. I'm hopeful that we don't have bad storms this winter, but I need to make sure my emergency box is complete. As a side note, my other sister is leaving Wednesday for Hawaii. Talk about timing!!
Linda Jordan