Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Not Much Happening

Seems like I think of a million things to blog about when I can't stop and write and then when it's time to write, I have nothing to say. That happen to anyone else?

Speck got really sick over the weekend. Friday evening, he kept wanting to go outside . . every 10 minutes or so. I thought he was just wanting a treat because he gets something when he goes outside and goes to the bathroom. The Saturday I realized he had a *really* upset tummy. Our vet isn't open on weekends so I hoped it would run its course and he would be better. By Sunday, he was hardly moving and his tummy was so bloated and he was really sick. Monday I took him to the vet and he got an antibiotic shot, two antibiotic prescriptions and something to help coat his tummy. The vet told me to give him Pedialyte, and oh, boy . . does he ever like the grape. He is much, much better now but he stands at the fridge and begs for Pedialyte. We may have created a monster.

And, Carol sent me this wonderful bag! Carol has a quilt shop and she told me that when these bags arrived, she thought of me and my knitting. I had just done a quilt for her and apparently she was happy with my work! :) Anyway, I just love this bag. And, it has pockets and it opens up and has more compartments. Isn't it the best bag for knitting and stuff?

Finally, I've been busy working on my sock! This is what it looked like before I messed up. I couldn't figure out what I did wrong but I think I went from one needle to the third needle and skipped the second needle and try as I might, I couldn't get it right so I ripped it all out and started over. I'm not giving up though! This yarn is so fun to work with. Maybe that's why I keep ripping it out and starting over! :)


Doodlebug Gail said...

Oh your poor little baby Speck! LOL at the pedialyte - how cute. Love the bag for all your stuff, really nice.

ForestJane said...

Poor Speck!

But funny about the grape - you'll have to use it to make doggy popsicles for him next summer... :)

And I like that yarn that knits itself into stripes, isn't it fun?

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Poor Speck - we always have at least 1 bottle of Pedialite in the cubbard, but Little Boy does NOT like it! Looks like Speck has a custom pillow case!

And, that is a great knitting bag - I never know what to carry my knitting in - I have a basket, but that stays in my house. Will have to think about something portable!



QuiltingFitzy said...

I think maybe you're guilty of doing the same thing I do sometimes...turn your work and work on the inside of the sock instead of going around and around. Just keep pulling until you've gone ALL the way around in a complete circle, then re-load and git goin'!

Susan said...

About blog topics - I'm the same way! When I do have time to blog I've forgotten what I was going to say or I'm just too darn tired to be creative!


Carol said...

Poor Speck...I never knew about the Pedialyte, but it sure makes sense. I'll have to remember that if Howie and Zack need it.
Love the sock...great color.

Cynthia said...

poor speck. Glad that he is improving.

Love the bag for carrying all your things in.

Darcie said...

Oh, poor little fellow. Glad he's feeling more like himself though.

Great knitting bag! What a fun suprise to receive from a friend!

Tonya R said...

So relieved to hear that Speck got over his tummy owies. He's such a cutie pie.

I definitely go in cycles where I have loads to write about and then nothing...

The Calico Cat said...

If you want to really create a monster - give him human baby food.

Sorry he was sick, but glad he is better.

Karen said...

Judy, I think you've been eavesdropping on my thoughts lately! Your post covers everything (except the poor sick little pooch) I've been thinking about, looking for and wanting to do.

I"ve been looking for a knitting bag. I'll have to have a look at this one.

I bought some of that sock yarn that makes its own I'm looking for a sock pattern. An easy one, as I'm a virgin sock knitter.

And I always think of wonderful things to write in my blog when I'm just about to fall asleep, in the grocery store, or some other place than my computer.

Got any sock patterns to recommend?


Laurie Ann said...

Poor Speck! Sounds like he really had something nasty and I am so so glad to hear that he seems to be getting over it. I hate it when my boys aren't feeling 100%. Worries me sick! I was about to ask you how he was as you hadn't posted any pictures of the cutie for awhile.

paula, the_quilter said...

Just keep on knitting! I have had to reknit the heel on my Jaywalker sox 3 times to get it right.

Suze said...

Saddend to hear that Speck was under the weather. Hope he is improving daily.