Friday, April 29, 2005

I Live in a Zoo

Chad is failing Algebra 2. Guess I shouldn't be surprised since he's made it through the entire semester without bringing home a book. Oh, boy . . I can't wait til he is a parent and his kids do this to him! :) He scored in the 85 percentile in math on the ACT test so . . why is he failing Algebra 2? I talked to the teacher and she agreed that even if he squeaks out a D, he should re-take it because there's no way he'll get through Alg. 3 and pre-cal. So, I called the counsellor and explained. She agreed and said she would change his schedule for next year. He came home with it yesterday and yes, it was changed but they have him taking Algebra 3 the first semester and Algebra 2 the second semester! Got that straightened out and now he'll be taking Algebra 2 the first semester and Algebra 3 the second semester.

Then tonight Speck gets his favorite blanket caught in his toenail. The toenail had split and the blanket threads were caught in there good so I had to cut a big circle out of the blanket and go to the vet with him. Our vet closes at 5:30 and it was 5:24 when I was on the phone with them. No way were they going to wait for me . . "we'll be here at 7:30 in the morning"! But there's a vet closer to me that stays open til 6 so we've been there and back.

If I was a drinking kinda girl, I'd have a beer (or two)!