Thursday, October 05, 2006

Now She's Knitting

My poor family. They may never have another home cooked meal, clean clothes, etc.

Dare I tell you when I first started knitting? Maybe in the late 70's or early 80's. I worked with a girl whose mom had a knitting shop in Lake Charles and Diane would sit at lunch and knit so I thought . . I'd like to do that too! She taught me how to knit but I only knitted sweaters. Well, I only knitted parts of sweaters. I never learned how to do sleeves or how to put them together. I would knit the fronts and back and a lady would knit the sleeves and put them together for me. I always wanted to learn to knit socks but I never took the time to learn. Since I'm not getting any younger, I decided it was time to learn to knit socks. I talked about it here a while back and Susan insisted on sending me a little package which contained the above yarn, the teeniest needles I've ever seen and a pattern for socks. I looked at the pattern, I watched a couple of online tutorials that Susan sent me links for and it baffled my old brain. There's a knitting shop across the river in Indiana and I kept meaning to go there and ask for help but just hadn't done it yet.

Monday night at my quilt group meeting, I asked if anyone had been to the knitting shop. Apparently she has wonderful yarn but may not be the friendliest, most personable person I'd want to meet. Our quilt group meets at the local Methodist church and one of the ladies said "oh, we have a great knitting group that meets on Thursday morning at 10." Now . . I'm really excited and can't wait til Thursday but . . I have a dentist appointment on Thursday morning and if I cancel it or even re-schedule it, Vince is not going to be happy because I've missed my last two dental appointments. Lucky me -- the dentist's office called Tuesday and wanted to change my appointment so I did that yesterday.

Went to the knitting meeting this morning and a really nice elderly lady got me started on my socks and see how much I have done already! This is so much fun!! The directions say to knit til the entire leg measures 6". Does that mean from the very tip top of the ribbing or does it mean just the knitted part below the ribbing? The heel part looks really intimidating so I may wait til I go back to the meeting next Thursday or .. I might get brave and try it. I'd hate to screw up everything I've done so far though.

I was struggling with the teeny yarn and tiny needles so when I left the meeting, I went to Hobby Lobby to get some larger yarn til I got re-acquainted with knitting. In fact, I even ripped out all I had done on the sock at the group meeting and started over. I bought this lime green to make a dish cloth for the nice lady who was helping me. I'll bet she's never had a lime green dish cloth! :)

And, I bought this yarn to make myself a scarf. I'm going to finish the dish cloth tonight so I can start the scarf tomorrow. No pattern for that. I know I should be able to just do it but I'll look on the internet for a pattern tomorrow.

Judy L.


SusanB said...

Socks can be fun or utilitarian. Looks like Susan sent you some great yarn. We had 2 women knitting socks at the library's Knitting Club this afternoon. I was starting a pair of handwarmers using the pattern from my website (

I think you knit until it measures 6 inches from the beginning edge. Then you shape the heel.

Hedgehog said...

My knitting attempts haven't been successful - wish I could meet your new friend! She'll love the lime green! Who woudldn't!? Beautiful yarns.

Anonymous said...

I love knitted socks. I have knit myself many pair that work real well inside my motorcycle boots. Keep it up you will like it. Check out for great free patterns. Dot

Suze said...

Oh, I am so pleased that you are into socks..... They are a great "take with you" project.

Now about that scarf...... The best I can remember is to cast on about 15 stitches and knit every row............. It it looks too skinny after you start, rip it out and cast on more. If it looks to wide then rip it out and cast on less.

As to those 6 inches. I measure from the cast on edge. I like a shorter top on my socks than most people. I think the standard is really 7 inches from the top. Do what pleases you best.

I am much more relaxed with my knitting than I am with my quilting.

Now I am off to check the hand warmer site tha someone else sent.

Tazzie said...

Socks is something I've never tried, it sounds like fun. As for the meals and chores ... I guess in time the guys will learn to be self sufficient *lol*

quiltpixie said...

knitting is such a self satisfying craft... and travels ever so much more eaily then many stages of quilting :-)

Mary said...

It's addicting isn't it? I'm working on another hat and I finished a scarf the other night. I'm not brave enough to try socks yet but I am VERY proud of myself for knitting hats - double pointed needles and all.

Norma said...

You are tempting us now! I once knit--nothing complicated mind you, but I did enjoy passing the time with the needles...........hmmm, it is getting cooler here now, the thought of knitting again is appealing!

QuiltingFitzy said...

Judy, haha, check my blog, I think we're sisters, lol.

6" is the cuff length, you can make it whatever you want. It does not effect the pattern whatsoever. (Just make them both the same!)

Could you please tell me the size of your needles you are using and how many cast on stitches you started with? I'm still looking for pattern that I can fall in love with, I'm using the "heel flap" method.


McIrish Annie said...

knitting is as addicting as quilting but far more portable!! love your scarf yarn. with the change in the weather, it's time for me to pull out the old needles.


paula, the_quilter said...

Ahhh... sox. I knit sox. In fact, I am stashbusting sock yarn. You should join the Socktoberfest at . It's a rather relaxed sox knitting thing for October. I am just finishing up a pair (number 15, I think) and I plan on doing a pink pair next for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Socktoberfest. /paula

Jay said...

Just read your 12/13 post referring to your LQS & the tea room. Is this the Village Mercantile in Boonville, IN? I'm very familiar with both the quilt shop & the tea room! My sister lives in B'ville & I always try to visit Betty & Steve when I'm in town. Small, small world! Next time you're there, please give Betty my best. I now live in CA & don't get back there very often -- most of my family is in Chicago & Ohio, so I'm spread pretty thin when I do go back to the midwest for a visit.
I'm so glad I visited your blog!