Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The White Stuff

Goodness, almost 20 inches of snow is a LOT of snow. It began snowing early on 12/22 and snowed all day and half the night. Then the wind blew and we had some really huge drifts. Pictures of the snow. Try getting a mini-doxie to go outside in 20 inches of snow . . just not gonna happen.

We didn't have mail for three days, haven't had trash pickup and have generally been hostage inside the house. Today it began getting above freezing so finally the snow is beginning to melt. I am very thankful that this happened over the Christmas holidays or the kids would have missed a whole week of school. Our area just isn't equipped to remove this much snow.

During the time when Vince was home, he was able to install the Circle Lord on my longarm and I'm very happy to have that done.

I also got the instructions written for three patterns and am sewing on one of them to test the directions before giving the pattern to my testers next week. The wheels of progress are slowly turning.