Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Terrific Tuesday!

This morning the weather was just fabulous. It stayed in the low 60's til well after lunch. Chad was up early and the turkey frying by 6:30. It turned out great! I can't wait to hear how his presentation went.

The plan was to get him to school at 9:30 and come home and sew but this weather just invigorates me. I opened the windows and had the radio going as loud as I thought I could get by with without the neighbors complaining. Ughh . . city living! Anyway, Willie's Place on XM 13 is my favorite channel and I can't listen to that with Vince or Chad around. They hate that old country music. Speaking of Willie, I read on the KPLC web page yesterday that Mr. Nelson and his entourage were stopped on I-10 in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana this weekend and seems they were smoking some of that funny weed and had some mushrooms. Not good!

Anyway, I decided to make a couple of loaves of bread, then decided to make Patty's Amish Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls. YUMMM! I guess it's ok to have sweet rolls for dinner since I had fried turkey for breakfast. Tomorrow I'll start a new diet. :)

And, tomorrow I'll work on those customer quilts that I was supposed to work on today.

Judy L.


Vicky said...

Poor Willie! I was LOL when I saw that he was stopped in Breaux Bridge. And this morning KFRG was playing a song (don't remember the name of it) by Toby Keith about not smoking pot with Willie any more.

I get my food backwards all the time. One day last week I had leftover spaghetti at 9:30 in the morning and bacon and eggs at 8:00 at night. Go figure!

Mama Koch said...

I wanna know...when did Willie get to be 73? Man...I've been following his music forever, but didn't realize.

Guess we're all gettin old!

ps--glad my boys like him!

Andrea said...

Yep poor guy got stopped in LA because I guess the cops smelled the weed they were smoking. I think they said they found 1.5 lbs of it in his tour bus.

Libby said...

Seems that Willie will never learn.

Carol said...

Bless Willie's heart! He just will never learn no matter how old he gets. Yum, your baking sounds wonderful. Wish it would cool off a bit here so I could get motivated to do something that involved turning the oven on :)

Mary said...

Wasn't today a beautiful day? I was tempted to blow off my hike - I was in a lazy sit around and knit mood but finally got out around 3PM. I was so glad I went - It was a lovely breezy autumn afternoon.