Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11

A few days ago Chad and I were talking and he said he still remembers exactly where he was and what he was doing when he got the news of the first plane hitting the World Trade Tower. He was 13 at the time. I told him he would always remember and it's up to his generation to tell their kids and grandkids about it, the feelings that we had that day and the days afterwards, the changes that have occurred for us Americans and others around the world following September 11, 2001.

Oh, how I wish America could be a country united, knowing that "united we stand, divided we fall" but there seems to be so much more division rather than unison in our land. Please do not interpret this as an invitation to let me know which side is right and which side is wrong . . do not want to hear it today! I want to be an American . . not a partisan!

We all have stories of what we were doing/where we were when we got the news. Here's mine:

I had finished doing a bit of morning chores and had gone downstairs to quilt. I turned on the TV to watch Simply Quilts. I had seen that episode so after a few minutes, I switched over to MSNBC which was my channel of choice in those days. Almost at the exact moment I switched, they were getting news of the first plane hitting. I immediately called Vince and told him. His first words were "it's a terrorist attack". I couldn't believe he would say that! My rose colored glasses again! I jumped all over him for being so negative and always waiting for something bad to happen. He asked me what I thought it might have been and I told him I thought a plane just got off course or something.

Then the second plane hit and I called him again. He was so sure it was a terrorist attack and by this time I was angry with him. He again asked me what other explanation I had. I was sure that the radar was all screwed up and the planes didn't know where else to go.

By the time the plane hit the Pentagon and I called him the third time, I was apologizing because even with my rosey view of the world, I had to accept that American had been attacked by terrorists. By the time news came of the 4th plane crashing in PA, I wanted Vince to come home from work, I wanted to go get Chad at school . . I just wanted my family right there with me. Of course, Vince had no intention of coming home from work and he talked me out of going to school to get Chad, although Chad later told me that he was surprised I didn't come get him. He said many parents did come get their kids and knowing me, he figured I'd have been the first one there.

Yes, our world is a different place from what it was on September 10, 2001. I suppose the world isn't really a different place because the plans were under way and the bad people were here but I surely see it is a different place from what I saw on September 10.

I will never forget . .

Judy L.


Anonymous said...

Aaah, we're all remembering today. Sadly, I agree that the world is different now, that it will never go back to 'regular.'
Hugs ~ Jeanne

Mama Koch said...

I remember being at work and not being able to see any news on was all we had and not understanding exactly what was going on.
Maybe we still don't understand it all...but the memories will haunt us for a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

I remember this day very well. I work at a military office and this day I was joining a work class in Halden. I was taking a break before dinner and went to watch tv. Sitting all alone in the tv-room this horrible happening was up on the tv. I called for the others and we all sat horrifyed and watched what happend. I get so angry. Why cannot people live in peace and harmony. This will be remember for ever all over the world.
anonymous = abyquilt, May Britt in Norway

tami said...

I, like you, thought at first that it was just a small plane that had gone off course. I was watching, horrified as the second plane hit. At that point it was pretty obvious that it wasn't an accident. I was working from home and called some of my coworkers to see if they were watching as well. We stayed on the phone off and on all day as the story unfolded. None of us could believe what was happening. As they kept talking on the news of the possible death toll it just became more and more surreal.
I agree that that day changed the lives of all Americans. We lived in a happy little haze feeling very safe and secure. I wish we could go back there again.

Carol said...

The world is such a different place...I too remember every moment of that morning. Andy was out in California on business. I had just gotten out of the shower and heard Charlie Gibson on Good Morning America say "I don't know what we're hearing" I came into the bedroom to watch as they showed the first plane hit. I like you never even thought of terrorists. My first thought was that this was some footage from a movie and then Charlie told us that a large plane had just flown into the Trade Center. I immediately got on the phone and called Andy in California. He hadn't turned on the TV yet. He turned it on and we watched in horror as the second plane hit. We just stayed on the phone together for long time and I don't think either of us said a word. I just wanted him home. I went into the shop and all day long customers came in and just wanted to stay. We had quite a few gals spend most of the day with us. They just wanted to be in a good place. Oh how our lives have changed forever.

mary said...

I'll never forget where I was either - my Mom was in the hospital and was going for an emergency cardiac cath. I couldn't reach my brother who worked in the Pentagon. I was in VA with Mom and Keith was out of town stuck in St. Louis and the boys were home alone.

Anonymous said...

I live in the town where the president was visiting a school. I went to pick up my son at middle school. i was the first parent in line to do so. The principal tried to talk me out of it. I said...can you stand on the roof of this school and prevent a plane from flying into it? The terrorists know that the president is in a school in Sarasota so my kids are leaving school (even though it was a different school). At the same time my husband was picking up my daughter at the elementary school...under reason for student leaving he wrote..."Terrorism"....he said it was chilling to see it in his own handwriting. We had a tropical storm that was probably really a Category 1 hurricane hit 3 days later and none of my relatives out of town even knew that there was a storm brewing and heading straight at me because the news did not carry the story!