Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Still Binding . .

I have absolutely nothing exciting to share except that I've spent every spare moment binding. Yesterday, I did the handwork on one quilt that was about 75 x 90, did another one that was about 50 x 65, and did one that was about 80 x 95 but it already had three sides done.

So, that's 4 down and I'm not counting how many left to go!

Today was a rainy day so it was nice to sit on the sofa and do the binding on another quilt, occasionally looking up to watch the rain fall. I had the radio on the oldies, Vince is out of town, Chad had school and then work so I had almost the entire day to myself.

My biggest challenge today was trying to convince Speck that he will not melt. He is definitely a fair weather dog and it's a struggle to get him to go out on a rainy day . . even if the rain has stopped and the concrete is wet, he has no intention of getting his dainty (NOT) little feet wet!

I will take tomorrow off from binding because my shoulder hurts. Old age is not being kind to my hip, knee and shoulder joints.

Judy L.


Carol said...

Speck sounds like Howie and Zack...even though they are labs and supposed to be water dogs, they hate the rain. They won't even walk on the sidewalk past a house that has their sprinklers on.Great progress on your binding. You got far more done yesterday than I ever would have. My wrist and shoulder start hurting way before that much binding!

Gail said...

My dog won't go out in the rainy weather, either - not until he is desperate. If the rain passes, maybe your hurting joints will, too.

Tracey said...

It sounds like a lovely way to spend a rainy day, Judy. Wish I was binding something today!

cher said...

good for you to spend an entire day binding...Zoe our boxer doesn't like the rain either!

McIrish Annie said...

I love binding. You feel like you are accomplishing something yet you can just sit on the couch and relax..

we are expecting rain tomorrow. I'm already planning on spending it with handwork.

Mary said...

Sounds like my day - it was rainy here too so I decided to skip the hike and do a little on the treadmill. Keith is out of town and I've worked all day. Making good progress on my 1 hour quilt and got my Aunt's top loaded on the longarm.

Chesty also hates to go out when it's wet - we can't wait to see how he does when it's cold and wet after the move.