Saturday, September 02, 2006

Lots of Sewing on Saturday

About the 36 yards of fabric that I bought yesterday, you all almost made me feel guilty but I need to explain (translate: make excuses). I normally go to the quilt shop once a month to pick up and deliver quilts. When I went last month, that was during the August Fabric Diet so I bought nothing. I may not go back in October because I'm hoping to get back to Louisiana then. I almost had no fabric that was good for backgrounds so . . I needed this fabric! :)

And, I make 3 or 4 quilt tops each month so I really do go through a lot of fabric.

Vince pretty much watched football games all day, Chad worked and other than fixing breakfast and lunch, and a couple of loads of laundry and other minor housekeeping chores, I spent the day sewing. I find that working from the stash, especially doing quilts that need variety, I make such a mess! I am pretty messy anyway but I seem to be making more of a mess than usual.

Yesterday I came up with the plan for the October Quilt for an Hour project. I love it and I hope you will too. You can't see it yet -- at least not til mid-September. I'd like to have it all quilted before I show it to you. I have the quilting idea in my head.

It was for this project that I was pulling fabrics this morning. These squares are used in the top - how's this for a tease?

Last night I got all the backgrounds washed, dried and ironed and got the purples washed and dried but didn't get them ironed. Look who I found all wrapped up in my purples as I was trying to get them pressed.

Judy L.


Susan said...

Love your laundry helper there, Judy! The colors for the next quilt challenge look fabulous. My mind is already trying to sort out what I have here. =) This could be the yellow and blue quilt I promised a friend! No need to feel guilty about your fabric purchases. We were all just jealous. =)

Cynthia said...

As i was reading your post and you mentioned the October challenge quilt i got all excited. I thought to myself "Judy's showing us what the quilt looks like". As i continued reading i noticed there was no photo of the quilt but of the fabrics you may be using. I'm really curious now and will be watching your posts for further info about it :-)

Carol said...

Your laundry helper is great. My 2- 90 pound labs think they can help with laundry also...not quite as neat as yours. Do not feel guilty about your fabric purchases, you must have what you need to create and you always must have choices. Have a wonderful sewing Sunday!

Vicky said...

Those fabrics you pulled for the October challenge look great! What a tease you are!! LOL! Can't wait to see what you came up with this time!

I think your fabric purchases were right on target. No speculation fabric there, just stuff you know you'll use this month. I'd say it was a good shopping spree!

Speck is adorable ...and who can resist new, warm fabric! :)


Doodlebug Gail said...

The fabrics you're using for the October quilt look really lovely - I'll admit to being quite excited about taking part.

Enjoy the rest of the long weekend.

Anonymous said...

Well lets try to comment again!! They don't seem to want to recognize me!If not I'll post as anonymous, but it's me!!

You got such a nice batch of fabric! I found my cat wrapped in one of the blocks that fell off the design wall..with help no doubt! They all love fabric!

JudyC - Quilting with Ragdolls

Sweet P said...

Nice tease on your next quilt. Your laundry helper is cute, but how much help is he really?

Libby said...

Looking forward to jumping on board with the next one hour quilt

Andrea said...

Ooh those are pretty (the squares) I can't wait to see the next project. I kind of gave up on my first one :(

But I still have been trying to work on my projects and get them done.

I told Eric about you buying so much fabric and I told him that I need some background fabrics (off whites) and that I don't like the idea of using white because I'm afraid it would get dirty

Jen said...

Those little squares for October look like candy!

Shelina said...

No need to feel bad about your fabric purchase. You can buy as much as you want. Wow, you make a lot of quilts! I probably make 3-4 quilts a year. Those fabric squares look so lucsious. It would help if I could use words I know how to spell. :) Jen is right, they do look like candy.