Thursday, August 31, 2006

Queen of Procrastination

No doubt I'm not quite normal! I love to quilt! I love to piece, I love to quilt, I love to make feathers . . so why do I put off the things that need to be done? I had this one quilt to be quilted. It's called "Heat Wave" and it has some snail's trail blocks and space in the border for feathers. I have put off quilting that quilt and I don't know why. I needed to quilt it when I started making the quilts for my great-nieces. Did I stop after they were pieced and quilt Heat Wave? No, I went ahead and quilted the quilts for my great-nieces. I went ahead and bound them! Did I stop there and quilt Heat Wave? NO! I made the X's and O's quilt. Then I loaded Heat Wave and started quilting it. I had two tops that have to be delivered tomorrow. They were both pantos and shouldn't be a problem to quilt . . unless I put them off til the last minute . . . which I did! It took me twice as long, if not longer, to quilt Heat Wave because, even after it was loaded and I loved how it was turning out, I still procrastinated. I finished quilting it last night, loaded one of the quilts for a panto. The plan was that I would get one finished before lunch, load the second one and get it finished tonight so I could get to bed early.

Started quilting the first one and got side tracked . . how badly did I not want to quilt? It was fairly cool this morning so I pulled some weeds. OK . . enough of this. I have to get this quilt done. Came in, cleaned up and quilted for a while. Then I stopped and found something else I could use as a sidetrack - I cleaned the bathrooms. Chad usually cleans his own but I had some new cleanser and I was having so much fun, I cleaned his bathroom too. OK . . stop! Get this quilt done. I finally finished it about 2:30.

Then the mail lady came. And, there was my fabric for the backing for the X's and O's quilt. I decided, even though I'm not going to quilt it right away, I'd go ahead and piece the backing. Got that done. Made myself get back to the quilting that has to be delivered tomorrow! I honestly thought about loading the X's and O's and quilting it . . knowing I'd miss the due date tomorrow for the other quilts. Thankfully I didn't let that happen!

Got the second one loaded. But before I started quilting, I got sidetracked again. Let's see . . the windows haven't been cleand in a while. I cleaned the inside of the windows on the back side of the house. The outside cleaning will have to wait til the weekend. Back to quilting. This quilt has to be finished tonight. Made a few more rows and oh .. wait .. I think I'll make a pie. I have pears and I love pear pie. But Chad doesn't like pears so I'll make him a buttermilk pie. That's two pies I can make when I should be quilting.

So, here it is almost midnight. Both quilts are finished . . way later than they should have been. We have two yummy pies, clean windows . . well, they're half clean, and clean bathrooms. Am I proud of myself? Not really! I must learn to stay on task and get things done and stop letting myself find other things to do!

Judy L.


Susan said...

Judy, you haven't been smoking pot, have you? LOL! That's how my best friend who did used to act before she finally quit - just flitting from one thing to another.

You really were not in a mood to quilt! Any idea why you didn't want to do those quilts?

There are a lot of things I would call cleaning the bathroom, but even with a new cleanser, *fun* isn't one of them!

May Britt said...

PUH.... I am exhausted reading about your day LOL

Carol said...

You are amazing! You had a deadline, and you met it...and got all those other things done. What kind of bathroom cleaner was it that made cleaning the bathroom fun? :) I must get some

Screen Door said...

I wish I had half of your energy. It may be procastination - It's it's INCREDIBLE progress on the tod o list. The pies look delicious.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Too funny - I usually do the same thing when it comes to doing something I don't want - except I call it the reward system... If I do just 15 minutes of "this" - then I can go do 15 minutes of "that" - and back and forth until the thing I am dreading is done and over with. I use this method to finish UFO's too - just work 15 minutes on this UFO and then work on something else. I never thought of it as procrastination - it is a system that works as a means to the end!



Patti said...

Wow! You sure didn't want to quilt did you! I can't imagine being distracted by housework, weeding and windows. A good book, yes, a different quilting project, yes - but housework? Judy, are you feeling all right? Do you have a fever? You must love housework WAY more than most of us.

I already feel like I put in a full day and all I did was read your post LOL!

cher said...

well, at least you did get those customer quilts done! my goodness, distracted by housework? it's the opposite for me, I have to tear myself away from quilting to fit that in!

Vicky said...

We ARE sisters! I'm such a procrastinator, but I don't use my distraction time as well as you do! Those pies look great! If I ever come to visit, will you make me one? LOL


frecklesquilts said...

Even though I profess to love quilting, I've been regularly putting it off. I absolutely hate to clean, but what do I put off my quilting with? Yes, you got it. Cleaning bathrooms, organizing closets, and organizing my stash to name a few chores.

I'm a procrastinator, too but this is a new wrinkle for me. One of my issues is that there is too many projects I want to do.

Dordogne Quilter said...

You sound like me! Wanting to quilt, dying to quilt, longing to quilt (what are the Dr. Dolittle words in My Fair Lady?), but can't get the chores done quick enough to do it.

I have now got a gite to clean out and get ready for new people by lunchtime, piles of washing to do and my O's and X's is sitting there dying to be sashed together (heavy sigh).

However, glad you got there in the end and, phew, what a day ;)

Shelina said...

You have been very productive. When I am putting off something I don't normally find something else productive to do. Anytime you want to procrastinate again, you're welcome to come over to my house!