Monday, August 21, 2006

Torture on Tuesday

I tend to do the things I love to do and ignore the things that are not fun. I'm not a good housekeeper . . in fact, I'm really bad at housekeeping. Even with my quilting, I do the parts I like and the things I don't like to do sit for weeks or months (or years) without getting done. So . . what do I like to do? I love designing, pulling the fabrics and deciding on the colors, piecing (I really love to piece!) and quilting. What do I not like to do? Binding, labels and sleeves.

The first thing I had to do today was find a place for all the quilts for the book. I don't want to fold them and crease them. I had about 50 quilts already on the extra bed so I took some of those off, folded them and stacked them on a bookcase (the picture). Then I took the quilts for the book that are ready to go and spread them out flat on the bed, layering them on top of each other.

The book has 20 quilts. Nancy from South Carolina and her friend each made one complete quilt top - labels, binding and sleeve. Vicky made two and my friend, Becky, made one but I'm quilting, binding and doing the sleeve on those three. So, that means I pieced 15 (although I pieced all of them before the others made theirs) and I have quilted or will quilt 18, along with binding, sleeves and labels. Oh, I really do hate the sleeves and the labels but they have to be done.

Today was set aside to do the things I hate to do. Might as well just spend the entire day doing it. Here's what I've done today:

  • Washed the sheets and quilts off my bed.
  • Gave Speck a bath. He's not bad during a bath but I get as wet as he does.
  • Washed the slip cover on the sofa. I hate putting that thing back on but the dog gets on the sofa so we have to have it.
  • Packed a quilt to send off to my friend for her granddaughter.
  • Washed all Speck's sheets (from the crate) and the blanket he wraps up in on the sofa.
  • Did the weed eating in the back yard - it's so small and I have so much "stuff" back there, I just weed eat the whole thing and don't even use the lawn mower in the back.
  • Sewed the sleeve and label on 13 (that's thirteen) quilts.
  • Hand sewed the binding on 2 quilts.
  • Sewed the binding on 3 quilts.
Not a single one of the things on that list was a fun thing but something that had to be done.

This picture is the quilts with the labels and sleeves done but I still have to hand stitch the binding.

Oh . . and Chad still isn't driving. He has to go to the traffic school before he can get his own insurance so I played taxi driver all day too.
  • Take Chad to school/come home
  • Go get Chad at school/come home
  • Take Chad to work/come home
  • Go get Chad at work/come home
I did call the driving school people this morning and it will be at least 4 more weeks before his class is scheduled.

If I can work this hard tomorrow, I'll feel real good about my deadlines.

Judy L.

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