Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Goodbye Old Friend

We said goodbye to my old van this morning! I get attached to my vehicles but it was definitely time for this one to go. I remember when I got my license and dad bought my Mustang, he traded in his pickup. It sat on the Taussig Ford used car lot for a while and I had to pass that lot everytime I went to town and I would get tears seeing it sitting there all alone on the car lot.

The 1992 Mazda MPV . . it was probably one of the best vehicles I ever owned. We bought it new in November, 1991 in Beaumont, Texas. We were living in Jasper, Texas and not long after we bought it, we had a house fire. The tires on the left side burned and I couldn't believe how much of the van melted! That was a surprise . . my vehicle was made of plastic! It was fixable so it was fixed and I was back up in running way before my house was repaired. There were many memories in that van because Chad was just 4 years old when we bought it. I can't tell you how many trips we made to FL in the van. It was such a great vehicle for traveling with a child.

In 2001, when we were finally ready to buy a new car (one of us was ready way before the other of us was ready!), I wanted another van just like this one. We were at the Mazda dealer, planning to trade in the old van, had the deal almost made and I asked what they planned to do with the old van. The salesman said "See that corner way back there. We'll park it there and then some auction company will buy it or it will be sold for scrap!" WHAT? My van . . sold for scrap? I started crying. Vince was just astounded so we left with the van. We ended up deciding to get a Honda CRV instead of another van and Vince traded in his vehicle . . not about to go through that fiasco again.

For 5 years the van has sat in the driveway, never driven but we've been paying insurance on it. In our effort to get rid of excess baggage, the van was donated to St. Vincent dePaul this morning. No tears . . just handed the keys over, went to the courthouse and did the paper work and we now have just one more vehicle to get rid of. Vince has a 1986 Ford Pickup and once we finish making trips to the dump with all our other junk, we'll donate it too and finally, we will have three cars for three drivers. Our driveway will no longer look like a used car lot (or should I say . . a salvage yard!)

Judy L.


Libby said...

So glad I am not the only one who gets attatched. I'm driving a '94 Jeep that I have every intention of taking to 500k miles -- which at the rate I'm going will get me to 2029. Hubby got a new car this summer and we went to the lot in separate vehicles so I would not have to 'say goodbye' to his car. I just can't take it *s*

Vicky said...

I never get attached to a car - just like some of them more than others. Good for you for giving to St. Vincent de Paul - a worthy recipient!


Carol said...

What a wonderful thing to do with your old car. I'm sure someone will be thrilled to have it. It will continue to be loved :)

Anonymous said...

I get attached, too. Our Honda Odessey #1 has 360,000 miles on it, DH drives it everyday. I bought it when I graduated college in 1997. I drive Odessey #2,also a 1997. I am attached to both! They look so cute sitting in our driveway,twins-his/hers. We are going to have to replace his soon, I'll tear up. That van was the first nice thing we ever owned....with AC,lol! I'm fixing to start my HST, BTW. I love this way of doing a quilt. I personally think your a genious for thinking it up. This way I can still finish a quilt with my family's manic schedule,whew! Amie in Tn. :o)

Tracey said...

How can you be sad when it's going to such a worthy cause. My son is still crying over this appalling couch we got rid of a year ago and replaced with a magnificently big and cosy one. He wants it found at St. Vinnies and returned! There's no figuring out attachments, we can only hope someone remains that attached to us when old and worn!

Patty said...

We got rid of our 1985 Ford Tempo a couple years ago. Melissa used it for college. Everyone cried when the salvage guy came to get it. The girls were still in car seats and booster seats when we got it. Had 250,000 miles on it.
Emery found a 1993 Tempo for Melissa, same color as the one we parted with, so she got a replacement Tempo that looks the same to ease her pain of loosing the other one : )