Sunday, November 20, 2005

Quilts going to Lake Charles

I finally finished the quilts for the lady whose husband was injured prior to Hurricane Rita's arrival in Lake Charles. Her favorite color is olive green and her quilt is greens and pinks/rose made from the Many Trips Around the World pattern in the Tradition with a Twist book. I love that book -- it's the Blooming Nine Patch book.

The baby quilt is a panel with an added border.

The green one is a big quilt and it was a windy day so Chad had a hard time holding it for the picture but it really is a pretty quilt.

They're off to Fed Ex tomorrow. Hopefully these will bring a little cheer to her hectic life. The recipient works for a law firm and I'm sending the quilts there since I don't know her so I'll be anxious to hear her reaction.


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