Friday, August 12, 2005

Vermont in July

I've been working on this design off and on for a while . . more off than on. In July, 04 we went to Vermont for the Quilt Festival. We stayed in a cabin in the woods with no telephone, no internet and no tv. After a few days of "romantic seclusion", I was kinda looking for something to do. I began playing around with Electric Quilt (quilt design software) and decided to draw out the design in the bathroom floor. Then I decided to add other things that reminded me of the trip. This is the design that has evolved. The log cabin blocks in the center represent the log cabin where we were staying. The pinwheel design, which is the center of the floor tile design that was where I had first started my design. The trees represent the many trees in Vermont. It was very green. The brown snails trail blocks in the border . . I hope I don't offend anyone from Vermont but I had never seen so many narrow, winding dirt roads! So, the snails trail blocks reminded me of the roads in Vermont. This quilt will be named Vermont in July and depending on how much I get done in the next few months, might be my entry for Paducah next year.

Want to know how I ended up with the final design? Here's the design I copied from the floor tile.

I thought that was kinda boring so I decided to add some of the things that impressed me about Vermont. The sky was so blue so I added the blue background. The ribbon border represented the roads.

I liked this one ok til I came up with the snails trail border, as shown in the picture at the top. There were about 20 designs from start to finish but many of you ask me how I come up with my designs and this is a little insight into how I get started and the steps that lead to the final design.

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